Amazon Shopping

Amazon Shopping

Browse, search & buy millions of products right from your Android device.

Additional Informations
  • Current Version: Varies with device
  • Updated: January 20, 2018
  • Requires Android: Varies with device
  • Installs: 100,000,000 - 500,000,000



Product Features

* Customers are able to shop millions of products on any of Amazon's sites around the world from a single app
*Use Alexa to help you shop—just use your voice to search for products on Amazon, track your orders, and reorder your favorite items. Tap the microphone icon and say “where’s my stuff?” to access open orders. Reorder products by saying “reorder paper towels” or “buy more batteries”.
* Take advantage of 1-Click ordering, customer support, Wish Lists, create or find a baby or wedding registry, order tracking, and more
* Scan product barcodes and images to compare prices and check availability using Scan It
* Check out Gold Box Deals - including the Deal of the Day and Lightning Deals, and get automatically notified when new deals become available
* Send and share links to products via email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, and more
* Sign-up for automatic shipment notifications to know when your order ships and arrives
* Buy with confidence, knowing that all transactions are securely processed

Product Description

The Amazon Shopping app lets you shop millions of products and manage your Amazon orders from anywhere. Browse, shop by department, compare prices, read reviews, share products with friends, and check the status of your orders.
Compare prices and availability by typing in your search, scanning a barcode or an image with your camera, or using your voice. Never miss a deal with easy access to Lightning Deals and the Deal of the Day. You can also sign-up for shipment notifications to know when your order ships and arrives. You have full access to your Shopping Cart, Wish Lists, payment and Prime shipping options, Subscribe & Save order history, and 1-Click settings, just like on the full site. All Amazon Shopping app purchases are routed through Amazon's secure servers to encrypt and safeguard your personal information.

Important Note Regarding Permissions

Please note that the Amazon Shopping app requires access to the following services to operate properly:
* Contacts: This permission is used to so that you can access your phone contacts from the Amazon app for the purposes of sending Amazon gift cards and inviting friends to use the Amazon app.
* SMS: This permission is used to simplify the process of phone number verification when creating an Amazon account registered to your mobile phone number.
* Camera: This permission is for Scan It, a new way to search for items quickly by scanning them with your camera.
* Flashlight: This permission is used to turn on the flash when using Scan It in low light conditions.
* Microphone: This permissions is used to support Voice Search and Voice Shopping Assistant features.
* Location: Location permissions are used to assist customers in searching for Amazon Lockers near their current location.
* Account: This permission is used for integration with Facebook and other social networks you have connected to your device to allow you to share products with friends and family.
* Phone: This permission is used to pre-populate and dial the Amazon Customer Service number.
* Storage: This permission is required to support notifications in China.
* Wifi: This permissions is used when setting up either a Dash Button or Dash Wand using the Amazon Shopping app.

OS Requirements: Requires Android OS 4.1or higher and a rear-facing camera. The Amazon App for Tablets is available on Google Play. Search for "Amazon Tablet" to install the app and begin shopping.


828,580 total
5 541,079 
4 144,448 
3 56,203 
2 23,748 
1 63,102 

  • Amazon Shopping
    Sean OMara Published date: January 20, 2018

    I'm a little irked at the moment. For the second purchase in a row, I was told it was coming in two days and then it didn't arrive on time. I get it's a benefit to receive two day shipping, but why am I paying $100 a year if I'm going to keep getting my packages in 4 or more days? I can get that without the annual charge. And then all I get is a "sorry for the inconvenience" email. Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Adam Dri Published date: January 20, 2018

    It's slow on my note 8. Glitches while scrolling pages and it'll freeze. I loose my mind while trying to use this app, it's terrible! I'm using my old iPhone for this app now and many others because they just work better. Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    H Goldsmith Published date: January 20, 2018

    Very complicated platform, so cramped with links and pictures of other products and not user friendly.. Fees, Tax and shipping could double the price of the item you wanna buy.. You can find in Google Lots of other cheaper famous trusted sites.. Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    William Hill Published date: January 20, 2018

    The app is now incredibly cluttered with whole swathes of rubbish on the home page which has no bearing on my individual circumstances. You should have the ability in settings to restrict what you actually see to that which is useful. Shooting themselves in the foot, you can no longer reject suggested items to shape their recommendations so you just read pages of irrelevant drivel. Well I shan't be wasting my time on that! Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Ted Wood Published date: January 20, 2018

    Love Amazon but the most recent version of this app is terrible. Completely fails to load. Even before their latest update broke it completely the app was slow and unresponsive. But let's be honest, they know I'm going to keep buying from them so why make a good app. Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Brian Conradt Published date: January 20, 2018

    Straigt up sucks. All it does is load the mobile website which is glitchy at best. Scrolling is super laggy and it takes forever for any button presses to respond. I love Amazon and my prime account but the app needs a lot of work. Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    e flo Published date: January 20, 2018

    The developers of the Amazon app need to get fired! This app is a freezes while looking at product review photos. It takes so long to select a size and color While shopping for clothing! Overall horrible. Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Emily Nuzum Published date: January 20, 2018

    Needs better touch controls it take forever to get something to pop up so you can put it in your wish list/shopping list bar and it takes like 5 tries to heart something. Other then that pretty good app and good service. Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Published date: January 21, 2018

    Not a bad app, easy to use and has most of your info in one place without the constant need to sign in all the time. Notifies you when you are watching a deal or something comes back into stock. Some issues which I hope are fixed in later code drops: *App can be a very laggy (You have to wait for photos to load before you can move about the screen or add to wishlist or open more details about the item), *App can sometimes crash your phone (and I have a suspicion may have been responsible for near-bricking my phone, forcing me to factory reset it...v.annoying), *No dark screen/night view option, *Poor AI customer option to email (this is a really awful feature which I hope they improve). Apart from the above issues the app is pretty good. Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    wncjeep Published date: January 21, 2018

    I use Amazon in a semi daily basis. After the last update enlarged pictures do not load. I can see the small thumbnail but when I select it, the picture doesn't load, just see the circle of death endlessly loading. Has been this way for days. Keep waiting for a fix, hasn't happened. Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Nik Brooks Published date: January 20, 2018

    Always easy to find what I am looking for and great that I can check my wishlist whenever I want. Love that I get push notifications about my order despatches and deliveries. Nice clean and tidy user friendly interface... excellent! Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Brian West Published date: January 20, 2018

    Holy Held Awake Time and Wake Locks Batman! I have to keep this app force closed when I'm not using it or it'll tear up my battery life on every phone I own. Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Dan Victor Radulescu Published date: January 20, 2018

    I stopped searching for features when I realized that I cannot find my order history. Quite pointless to have this app, Amazon.... Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Melissa Buikema Published date: January 19, 2018

    I'm very happy I mainly shop on my phone now. I gave 4 stars because I believe there's always room for improvement, like being able to enjoy Prime from every shop like, and the rest. Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Published date: January 21, 2018

    So slow on a new G5 it's useless. I now just use the website mobile version which is fine. Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Viktoria Cox Published date: January 20, 2018

    It's been kind of glitching a lot since the last few updates and it's been really hard to order stuff Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Mike 3891 Published date: January 20, 2018

    App is fine but company has become sleezy con artists. After being a prime member for about 10 years I'm done with Amazon. Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    kenny dunning Published date: January 20, 2018

    Laggy on Samsung note 8 . Amazon should get the devs that did the eBay app . This is poor. Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Anthony Lacaprara Published date: January 20, 2018

    App doesn't load at all since last 2 updates. Useless Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Dubhee Dubhghlas Published date: January 21, 2018

    Updated today & now will not open on my pixel however removed rebooted reinstalled & all is OK again Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Steve G Published date: January 21, 2018

    Terrible! Keeps freezing while loading the app.. sort it out amazon! Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Published date: January 20, 2018

    It lets me order all the things I want and need Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Bill Culbertson Published date: January 21, 2018

    I pay for Prime so I expect to receive my package in 2 days for Prime products. But I do not get the products in 2 days... sometimes it takes 5 or 6 days. Also when I use the 1 tap purchase option I never get the item in the 2 day time frame. It takes 4 to 6 days.. Amazon needs to fix the app if they want to keep my business. I have a Walmart less than a mile from my house. Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Nicholas Munnell Published date: January 20, 2018

    The last 2 updates have not fixed the issues. I have been trying to buy something g and it make my confirm my card and then when I do it does not let me do anything else besides that. Please fix!!!!!! Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Alex Ady Published date: January 20, 2018

    The last update is sucks. Nothing work on huawei mate 10 pro. White page... Thats all... Resolve please Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Matthew Martin Published date: January 20, 2018

    Is cool an all, when it's working right. Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Brett Williams Published date: January 21, 2018

    It works well overall. I would expect a little more from a massive company like this. They didn't respond to my complaint about bugs in their cart. Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Brad Bonato Published date: January 19, 2018

    This site is the "Walmart" of The Online Shopping World! Great Service & Delivery too! Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Aigars Hauberts Published date: January 21, 2018

    Blocked my account for no reason trying to contact them but no response Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Published date: January 20, 2018

    It's so much easier to do this Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Rose Allen Published date: January 21, 2018


  • Amazon Shopping
    Георги Механджийски Published date: January 21, 2018

    I cant believe what is happened. After the Last update is not possible to log out. Greets to the programmers. My 2 years son is smarter than you. Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    thomas petroff jr Published date: January 21, 2018

    The app works great to purchase but when clicking on the picture to zoom it just hangs. Still hanging as of 1/21 Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Published date: January 20, 2018

    It's amazing. Everything i need. Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Saqif Yeasir Published date: January 20, 2018

    The new update isnt working on my phone. !!! Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Linda Leveillee Published date: January 19, 2018

    Completely Satisfied & Love It!!! Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Anel Tankic Published date: January 21, 2018

    Comlpetely fails to load... Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Joe J Published date: January 19, 2018

    Missing dark theme or night mode Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Qazi Arfeen Published date: January 19, 2018

    Waiting for Australian buyers to come on board Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Barcus Youn Published date: January 19, 2018

    Very truthful, safe and secure. Full Review