Stylish weather app in your status bar. Know the weather anytime and anywhere.

Additional Informations
  • Current Version: Varies with device
  • Updated: February 23, 2017
  • Requires Android: Varies with device
  • Installs: 10,000,000 - 50,000,000



Weather is exceptionally easy to use app for staying always updated with the weather conditions.

The Weather app is specifically designed to be as simple and intuitive as possible. With just one click you receive the weather condition in your status bar at your current location.

The climate state is gorgeously animated so that you can almost experience it, seeing how the weather comes alive.

The app is using Weather Underground as a data channel and the live updates are really tiny so that you would not use up your data cap.


- Weather supports geo-positioning, retrieving the latest weather conditions for your current location

- An option to manually add your location

- Measure ambient temperature and UV index on supported devices

- Full support for Android TV

- Add and track the weather conditions in multiple locations

- Weather is one of the most lightweight weather apps on Google Play!

- Animated weather conditions - see how the weather comes alive!

- Widgets for different locations

- Hourly and weekly forecasts

- Intuitive, seamless user interface

- Support for the lock screen widget in Android 4.2

- Weather benefits all known screen resolutions

- Offers quality support for Android devices - from Android 1.5 to Android 5.0

- Tap on the temperature to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit

- You can allow and disable the notifications

- Choose by yourself what will be the next feature of Weather! Leave a comment or send us an e-mail and help us make Weather the best app of its kind.

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1,214,812 total
5 757,810 
4 303,901 
3 91,712 
2 24,894 
1 36,495 

  • Weather
    Published date: November 3, 2017

    Had this a year ago ocasionaly was not right and GPS was often wrong seems ok now I have new phone maybe that makes a difference we will see so far so good. I dont know much about meteorology so I dont need all the weather measurements just forecast snow and rain in inches like on Tv that gives people an Idea how severe a storm will be. A severe weather warning would be good too. also if I hit the weatherunderground in settings I get their full report 2 for 1 great Full Review

  • Weather
    Published date: August 15, 2017

    Pretty nice light weight Weather App... It doesn't HOG your screen and is actually pretty nice to look at in the morning or whenever... Nice Job to the Design and Coders! -also... One thing I did want to mention is Boobs. Just wanna give a shout-out to Boobs. Big ones little ones don't matter... Just Yay for Boobs bruh! HooRah! Boobs... Full Review

  • Weather
    Malcolm Stewart Published date: February 27, 2017

    Based in the UK I had no problem with the app identifying my location, and I really like the interface of the app and the widget. Seemed more accurate than BBC or accuweather, but I only compared them for a couple of days. Turned off the status bar temperature notification as I wasn't keen on the permanent lock screen notification that seems to be part of the deal. I like it, thanks Full Review

  • Weather
    Published date: July 17, 2017

    This app updated even when I was out of the range of the WiFi in our building (retirement home). It also showed the temps for the next 24 hours and a brief forecast for the next 5 days. That may not sound like much but was apparently too much to ask of other weather apps. I'm older, I am not a "digital native", I need these things to be simple. I know how to swipe, but I can't always ferret out all the secret things to click on, or all the deeply nested menus. I'm not a stupid person, but I lack the background younger folks have had. It is so much easier for children to learn. I envy you young folks the opportunities you have enjoyed with the advent of such sophisticated technology. You are so accomplished with all the electronic wonders that surround us. This app is a wonderful and useful tool for everyday usage. Thank you! (Could we have some more backgrounds. Maybe weather-related like clouds or rain or a sunny sky?) Full Review

  • Weather
    Sinisa Sinjori Published date: February 28, 2017

    Very nice app (simple and good looking). Exactly what I was looking for (in past I used some other apps, but after devs cluttered they with bunch of other things, I stop to use them). The only negative here is Monthly/Yearly subscription. I will us it free until developers give ONE TIME FEE option (not subscription). Full Review

  • Weather
    Kytten Eyes Published date: April 5, 2017

    Gave up on this app a while back because I thought it was too basic in appearance and features. Tried other apps, but aside from taking up more space and requiring additional apps to work, I wasn't really feeling their formats. Rediscovered this app and I am pleased with the updates and with the amount of space it uses. Full Review

  • Weather
    Enrique Icaza Published date: May 22, 2017

    Weather apps are unnecessary more complex every time. This one is simple and direct to what you basically want without fancy and distracting effects. Small size, clean interface, neat, elegant. Update May 2016: Newer app updates have improved the looking but have not changed my perception. Great app. Full Review

  • Weather
    Panacea Polai Published date: October 24, 2017

    I really love the app... but wish it didn't require the internet to give weather updates but only to update the version of the app ..., I mean imagine when someone is in a place where there is no internet connectivity ..., what's gonna happen to him or her...?? Just Think about it guys.... Full Review

  • Weather
    Pranshu Kaushik Published date: October 23, 2017

    I have been using this app for last 5 years now on diffrent android phones and versions. However I am currently disappointed with the widgets that seem to cut bad and sharp corners. Another grudge is with incorrect location. Your location provider Weather Underground marks my location 2 miles away from my place whereas my other two weather apps AccuWeather and OpenWeather pinpoint my location. Overall a nice app. Full Review

  • Weather
    Annemarie Boonstra Published date: March 22, 2017

    Couldn't even remotely find the city I am in. Put my location on the other end of the country and the UI to manually put in an alternative location didn't work either after half an hour if trying. Immediately deleted after download. Full Review

  • Weather
    Valentin Jalba Published date: June 27, 2017

    It used to work - now, it's completely useless. Current location does not update (sometimes you have to stay for a few days in a particular location for the app to switch to it). Also, the weather information is completely wrong (or outdated). Not sure what's going on here, but there is something very wrong with this app. Such a shame, it used to be great. Full Review

  • Weather
    Tomas miri Published date: May 13, 2017

    It's a pretty good app as a free one, BUT: there was a bug where the country of my city changed. It reappeared again,and I got no answer whatsoever for my complaint. Until it's resolved , I can't rate this app any better and will uninstall Full Review

  • Weather
    Robin Wood Published date: August 2, 2017

    Aggressive advertisements It used to be a very reliable app which I liked and treasured. Lately, however, by touching the icon, a very aggressive ad jumps into my face and is hard to get rid of. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app a number of times and the ad is definitely associated with this app. So I'm not using it any more. Pity, because I really liked it... Full Review

  • Weather
    Published date: October 28, 2017

    I have the paid version - and suddenly I have lost the ability to add extra places. So I cannot check what's going to happen in places I'm travelling to. Has there been an update which has messed up this feature? If so, please would you fix it! Full Review

  • Weather
    Jerry Lee Published date: February 25, 2017

    Wrong Location It's up to date and with GPS on it still gives location as "Huntcliff, USA" or "Peters, USA" instead of the correct city and state. I have to manually type in my current zip code each time and add my location to the list. Full Review

  • Weather
    Published date: June 1, 2017

    Very neat, clean and simple App. Nicely designed. But *sometimes* the temperature shown is incorrect, but not often: probably more to do with the data update frequency... ?? However, think I'll keep it! Full Review

  • Weather
    Denise Smith Published date: March 11, 2017

    There was a very bad storm in my area two nights ago. We had to take cover. The weather app on my phone then I had showed clear night. I was furious! Found this app which was accurate from day one. Full Review

  • Weather
    Chris Chris Published date: July 31, 2017

    Used to love this app, and was subscribed until recently. Thought about subscribing again, but when I decided to check out the free version, I was horrified to find that as soon as I opened it, it opened a browser window BY ITSELF which then went to a scummy deive-by malware page. Uninstalled & Subscription definitely NOT renewed. Bye! Full Review

  • Weather
    Liran H Published date: June 9, 2017

    Beautifully designed app. Unfortunately it has only basic information and features, which makes it a deal breaker for me. It's missing information like wind speed and humidity, and its widget gives very little more than the temperature and area. The widget also doesn't link to calendar and clock like you'd want. Full Review

  • Weather
    Julian Brook Published date: October 21, 2017

    I really appreciate the international features... But as for accuracy, I'm not so sure- it says it's snowing and 2 degrees now. But it's 11 degrees and raining (in like with other sites and apps). Full Review

  • Weather
    Larry Eastwood Published date: June 5, 2017

    This app can only find my location when I turn on automatic location. When it's turned off, it cannot find my city when I manually enter it. The Aero just spins and spins forever. It used to work. Apparently the latest update broke it. Full Review

  • Weather
    Published date: April 30, 2017

    When I read Are the ski reports good? Is meant accurate? or do I want/need them? Anyway. Love the BACKGROUND. Wish there were diff ones for diff weathers, like thunderstorms ☔ Full Review

  • Weather
    Published date: April 3, 2017

    I would give it a 5 if the location updated more frequently or had a way to manually update location. I can​ be thousands of miles from home and the location will never change unless i reboot. Also, recent versions​ provide location to the neighborhood level, often times unrecognizable locations in my own city. Locations matching apps like Google News and Weather or other similar weather apps would be preferable. Full Review

  • Weather
    Szilard Ferencz Published date: May 25, 2017

    Sometimes the app shows nonsense things: for example in the settlement where I am it shows that is clear and sun, while in reality it's raining since a few hours. And not a bad internet correction is the reason: the same happens on Wi-Fi or mobile internet connection (4G) too, after refreshing. Full Review

  • Weather
    Scott Szigeti Published date: September 23, 2017

    I've been using this for years and never given it another thought. Very unobtrusive app with as much or as little information as the user wants! I'm always the first thing I install on a new Android. Full Review

  • Weather
    David DLO Published date: April 22, 2017

    I had at first gave them a good review, until a thunderstorm came to my area, massive hail storm, thunder lightening very heavy rain. This app keeps reporting partly cloudy, completely missed the storm. So don't waste you time downloading it. Full Review

  • Weather
    Published date: August 17, 2017

    Well wow wow wow, what's wonderful we know now, whoah wishes do come true. Weather the storms, don't miss the sun, rain coats ready,, snow shoes sorted, oh my what next, o hail, seizure,. WISE WISDOM WELCOME. XXXX Full Review

  • Weather
    Bob Stilwell Published date: November 5, 2017

    Recently started to use this app. Like it alot. Has the weather info I want and not overdone Sometimes I just wanna know if its gonna rain. Straight up app and simple. Very nice without being overdone Full Review

  • Weather
    Kyle Palframan Published date: November 11, 2017

    Can't determine my location and won't search for any locations manually? The app thinks I'm in a place called Sutherland, which I've never heard of. Samsung S7 running Nougat in Canada.. please update. Full Review

  • Weather
    Published date: May 1, 2017

    Its a very accurate app. Once i had seen a rain alert, but didnt believed it much,but suprisingly it rained at very same time which was predicated by the forecast. From that day i beleive this alot. Full Review

  • Weather
    Robert Anderson Published date: June 10, 2017

    If you select 'show temp in status bar' it will also show on the lock screen. But is covers up 'owner information ' on the lock screen. Samsung Galaxy s5 Full Review

  • Weather
    Skyler McCreary Published date: March 7, 2017

    I'm sure it would be a great app if I could get it to work. I attempted to select a location several times over a period of hours before giving up. Samsung Galaxy S4. Full Review

  • Weather
    Perry Trueax Published date: November 6, 2017

    This app used to work great, but recently the locations can not be updated at all. I have tried on different days and still not able to add other locations. Full Review

  • Weather
    Tim Schwartz Published date: June 4, 2017

    Absolute garbage. Unless you feel bad that you don't have an ap that bombards you with ads every five seconds even when it isn't running. Get rid of this otherwise passable ap that is in effect ransomware. Full Review

  • Weather
    Published date: October 16, 2017

    Very simple & accurate, without invading your privacy(some apps need access to a lot of stuff on your phone).... can't ask for anything better. Full Review

  • Weather
    Virsen Aldy Published date: August 28, 2017

    Last update always failed, last week i'm in Vigo, Spain. And the time is different with this apps.. Vigo 11.00AM - Apps is 10.00AM.. Already refresh but same result.. And now i'm in Madrid, its rain but the app is sunny day.. Bad. Fix it or I will uninstalled.. Full Review

  • Weather
    Aaron Millard Published date: March 26, 2017

    Mostly pretty good. I travel around with work a bit, normally fairly accurate in most locations, not even close in a couple. Makes it a bit hard to rely upon, which is a shame. Full Review

  • Weather
    Susan Egan Published date: May 12, 2017

    This app is quick, doesn't have a lot of clutter. Fairly accurate better than the news. We live in a "rural" area. Our weather is usually connected to a city 45 minutes away. This app uses a resource closer to where we actually live. Full Review

  • Weather
    Christopher Collins Published date: April 13, 2017

    This weather app has what the others should. Multiple cities worldwide, humidity, rain/snow variables and radar showing systems in or approaching Your city. Full Review

  • Weather
    Daniel Ting Published date: September 29, 2017

    Really beautiful and useful app! One thing I wish was that there was a widget that displays the high/low for the day. Right now it only displays the current temperature. Full Review